[thelist] Moving to JSP from ASP

raditha dissanayake jabber at raditha.com
Tue Oct 5 20:26:01 CDT 2004

Steve Lewis wrote:

> Warren Murray wrote:
>> At what point in time would I need to add a java application server 
>> (ie., websphere server, etc...) into the mix?
> As Hassan and Marcus said, never.
> We run 27 load balanced servers in 3 server pools and have served as 
> much as 17,000 unique user sessions per week, and we use Apache . 
> mod_jk, and Tomcat.  We are adding more and more J2EE 
> buzzword-i-mation all the time, and will be going with JBoss when/if 
> we ever need the full deal.  POJOs (plain-old-Java-objects) will take 
> you a long way.

Exactly. EJB is a much over rated technology.

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