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ANDREA STREIGHT astreight at msn.com
Tue Oct 5 21:16:08 CDT 2004

Gary McPherson:

You're right about not responding to the *Unsubscribe* option.

My wife Andrea ordered something from the company, and now they assume they 
have the right to spam her email, which we share, though I have my own 
personal Gmail account for client communications.

Anyway, I never open any emails I'm not expecting from trusted sources. I've 
deleted, without opening, so many emails, some of which may have been legit 
prospects wanting my web usability or content writing services, but since 
they didn't use a good subject line, since the subject line was "Hi" or 
similar, it got deleted.

Since I was sure that the emails were indeed legitimately coming from the 
company she just ordered something from, I was not suspicious of it, and 
figured they would respond to my selecting *Unsubscribe* option. But nope.

I sent email to customer service email address. "Give us ten days to remove 
your email address from our list." It's been close to 30 days now, and I 
still get 1-2 emails a day. Not flooding me, but it's the principle 

Hey, anti-spam folks: Gigalaw web site says the FTC is paying $100,000 to 
$250,000 for information about spammers. I don't know all the details, but 
this sure sounds good.

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