[thelist] I have a small need...

jsWalter jsWalter at torres.ws
Wed Oct 6 14:21:19 CDT 2004

...for a windows-based, cmd-line, JS file (or batch) that will modifiy the System Enviornmental Variables.

Below is what I need created. Path needs to be appended.

Can ayone help?



  GPG          %usr-bin%
  mySQL        U:\etc\mysql\bin\
  p2x          U:\usr\local\p2x
  path         %perl%;%mySQL%;%p2x%;%PHPRC%;%usr-bin%;%UnixDOS%;%PHPRC%;
  perl         U:\usr\local\bin
  PERL5LIB     U:\usr\local\lib; G:\usr\local\site\lib;
  PERL5OPT     -MWild
  PHPRC        U:\etc\php
  TEMP         H:\TMP
  TMP          H:\TMP
  TZ           US/Central
  UnixDOS      U:\bin
  usr-bin      U:\usr\bin\

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