[thelist] Question re: domain name ownership ... please bare with me as I'm seeking clarification of what I've read in previous list emails.

list01 list01 at bellsouth.net
Thu Oct 7 11:34:00 CDT 2004

Hello  evolters,

Recently, while reading the thread "Taking over a Web Site", I found
quite interesting the discussion re: true ownership of a domain name.

I'm seeking clarification for a friend of mine, but also to further my
education in this realm as I have not really dealt with it before.

My friend, about two years ago or so, wanted his own web site so he
contacted Net Solutions and requested a domain name which reflected
his own name ... for illustrative purposes ... www.patduffy.com
(apologies to all the Pat Duffy's in the world).  He completed the
transaction and now had his domain name ... he started off with Net
Sol using their provided hosting services, didn't like it because of
the limited template approach to web design, and switched to EarthLink
for his hosting services.

Anyway, recently he got a "renewal" bill, so to speak (not sure what
he received really), for x number of dollars and he decided he wanted
to "renew" his domain name through a cheaper registrar.  It is unclear
to me what transpired, but he ended up renewing through Net Sol again
... still complaining about their fee and muttering he wasn't the

Well, based upon my reading of the above mentioned thread, I checked
using Net Sol's whois and found him listed as both the REGISTRANT and
Adminstrative Contact, while EarthLink is listed as the Technical
Contact.  Network Solutions, LLC is listed as the REGISTRAR.  Sooooooo

Am I correct in believing that he is, in fact, the owner of his domain
name?  And, if so, he could, in fact, take his domain name and
transfer it to another registrar service and pay whatever is
acceptable to him while retaining ownership?  Or am I all wet here?

Thanks in advance for any comments, suggestions, criticisms, etc.

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