[thelist] Question re: domain name ownership ... please bare list emails.

Norman Bunn norman.bunn at craftedsolutions.com
Thu Oct 7 11:50:36 CDT 2004

Yes, he owns his domain name and can transfer it at his discretion.  
There are limits as to how close to the renewal date a transfer can be 
processed by the releasing registrar (usually 30-45 days), so make sure 
the transfer is executed prior to then.  I recommend godaddy.com.  They 
are inexpensive and handle transfers at a good price.



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list01 wrote:

>Hello  evolters,
>Recently, while reading the thread "Taking over a Web Site", I found
>quite interesting the discussion re: true ownership of a domain name.
>I'm seeking clarification for a friend of mine, but also to further my
>education in this realm as I have not really dealt with it before.
>My friend, about two years ago or so, wanted his own web site so he
>contacted Net Solutions and requested a domain name which reflected
>his own name ... for illustrative purposes ... www.patduffy.com
>(apologies to all the Pat Duffy's in the world).  He completed the
>transaction and now had his domain name ... he started off with Net
>Sol using their provided hosting services, didn't like it because of
>the limited template approach to web design, and switched to EarthLink
>for his hosting services.
>Anyway, recently he got a "renewal" bill, so to speak (not sure what
>he received really), for x number of dollars and he decided he wanted
>to "renew" his domain name through a cheaper registrar.  It is unclear
>to me what transpired, but he ended up renewing through Net Sol again
>... still complaining about their fee and muttering he wasn't the
>Well, based upon my reading of the above mentioned thread, I checked
>using Net Sol's whois and found him listed as both the REGISTRANT and
>Adminstrative Contact, while EarthLink is listed as the Technical
>Contact.  Network Solutions, LLC is listed as the REGISTRAR.  Sooooooo
>Am I correct in believing that he is, in fact, the owner of his domain
>name?  And, if so, he could, in fact, take his domain name and
>transfer it to another registrar service and pay whatever is
>acceptable to him while retaining ownership?  Or am I all wet here?
>Thanks in advance for any comments, suggestions, criticisms, etc.

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