[thelist] Perl vs PerlScript

David Siedband technique at oceanicsky.com
Fri Oct 8 04:40:00 CDT 2004

I have a slightly different take on 'Perl script'.  Perl is a scripting 
language in that it is interpreted at runtime and does not need to be 
compiled.  So any Perl code is script.  Code that actually does 
something is a program ;)

Semantics aside, in daily speech, I say script to refer to a program 
that is similar in scope to a shell script or something that does a 
quick data manipulation.  I would refer to a web application in coded 
in Perl as a program rather than a script.

($do || !$do) && undef($try); # Master of Perl, Yoda is. Hmmmm?

On Oct 7, 2004, at 11:45 AM, David Kaufman wrote:

> Actually, i would say (though some may have another notion) that a 
> "perl
> script" is the same thing as a "perl program".  the only difference in
> my mind is that I tend to associate the term "script" with the file it
> resides in and the "program" as the code in the file.

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