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Cheryl Ash cheryla at labx.com
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The flash file can tell the server what the user is doing by calling a
server page and sending a variable.

Actionscript example:

myLoadVars = New LoadVars();

myLoadVars.pageName = "home"; // identify the area the user is in.

myLoadVars.send ("myServerPage.php");

In your server page (php,CF) you have a variable sent called pageName so
now you can add a number to your hit counts. Or just track that the page
itself was hit.

More on the LoadVars Object:

Cheryl Ash

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Please pardon my ignorance as I've never really worked with one before,
how does one track visitor usage for a website built solely in Flash?

Sure, the webserver will recognise each time someone requests the flash 
file itself, but would there be any way of tracking requests for certain

"pages" within the file on the server level or would the flash app
need to have something built in to do this?


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