[thelist] Top frame page title

Rick den Haan rick at countryexpress.nl
Fri Oct 8 12:37:10 CDT 2004

<quote from="L. Mohan">
  I am hosting a website with a free web space provider who puts
  my site in a frame. The problem is that my page title is not
  displaying in the browser title bar. It only displays the title
  of the page that defines the frames. How can I use javascript
  to alter the window.top title?

I'm not sure that's possible. But you could always use a frame-breaker,
though that might be against your provider's TOS, you'll have to check that.
I think this is the breaker-code off the top of my head:

if (window.top.location != window.location) window.top.location =

Others on the list feel free to correct if it's wrong...


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