[thelist] Re: Top frame page title

Julian Rickards julian at jrickards.ca
Sat Oct 9 13:53:52 CDT 2004

What about forcing your page to the top of frame heap with JS?

Sorry, not a JS expert but the code is very simple and easy to find: 
basically it says:

if parent != current document then make current document the parent.


Diane Soini wrote:

> On Saturday, October 9, 2004, at 04:09 AM, 
> thelist-request at lists.evolt.org wrote:
>> Subject: RE: [thelist] Top frame page title
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>> <quote from="L. Mohan">
>>   I am hosting a website with a free web space provider who puts
>>   my site in a frame. The problem is that my page title is not
>>   displaying in the browser title bar. It only displays the title
>>   of the page that defines the frames. How can I use javascript
>>   to alter the window.top title?
>> </quote>
>> I'm not sure that's possible.
> It's not? I was going to suggest using window.parent.document.title, 
> but maybe it won't work as you suggest because the frameset and the 
> page with the script in it are not in the same domain.
> I'd try it but I'm quite lazy at the moment.
> Diane

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