[thelist] search engine submission software

emily tarrant emily.tarrant at dsl.pipex.com
Tue Oct 12 12:26:27 CDT 2004

Can anyone point me towards any good resources discussing the pros and cons of
using software to submit to search engines? I bought a magazine the other day
and it included some software on the cover disk that promises to submit your
site to 100 search engines (or something along those lines, I don't have it in
front of me at the moment).

Now, my immediate reaction was "I thought that was a really bad idea - don't
search engines blacklist automated submissions?". Hmmm. I've been Googling away
for the last half hour and can't find anything to back that assumption up. Am I
being overly suspicious - is it really a fantastic resource and I've been
wasting precious hours submitting manually? Any thoughts?



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