[thelist] Website in Multiple Languages

Julian Rickards julian at jrickards.ca
Fri Oct 15 18:17:22 CDT 2004

It is funny that you should ask this because Adrian Roselli talked about 
his company's challenges with Internationalization, Localization and 
Translation at the TOevolt.org (http://toevolt.org) conference in 
September. You might want to have a look at his notes from the 
discussion and perhaps contact him.


Bob Haroche wrote:

>I'm coming on board to help with an approx 50 page English language
>site, currently all static HTML. The client plans to offer Spanish
>versions of some, possibly all, of the pages. Creating duplicates of
>each page is possible but not very attractive sounding.
>As a general matter, what methods are used to present content in
>multiple languages? I was thinking some sort of CMS where the data is
>stored in a db and translated "on the fly" into the appropriate
>language -- but I'm new to this area.
>The site will be on a shared windows/iis server with
>ColdFusion/ASP/Perl and Access/MySQL/SQL capability.
>Bob Haroche
>O n P o i n t  S o l u t i o n s

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