[thelist] Streaming video

Chris George cgeorge at basecorp.com
Mon Oct 18 12:45:13 CDT 2004

Hi everyone,

We have a client that currently has 8 video clips ranging from 5-11 mins
on their site. The current setup is that it's in Flash (MX) as and
imported FLV (providing us decent compression, easily-skinnable
controls, and no additional plugins). However, they're between 6-12mb,
depending on the length of the clips, and the wait can get very
annoying, especially on congested DSL connections.

We're pricing out other options, one of which would be streaming. Our
host provides some packages, but they're too lightweight for what we're
looking for. We also have an rfq in to VitalStream, so that's still

My questions are:

Does anyone recommend streaming?

Is there a provider that stands out as reliable and full-featured?

Are there other solutions out there that _aren't_ streaming but that
would provide us with a similar user experience?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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