[thelist] Website in Multiple Languages

Mike evolt at muinar.com
Mon Oct 18 14:24:37 CDT 2004

At 15:18 15.10.2004 -0700, you wrote:
>As a general matter, what methods are used to present content in
>multiple languages? I was thinking some sort of CMS where the data is
>stored in a db and translated "on the fly" into the appropriate
>language -- but I'm new to this area.

Hi Bob

You can't really translate content by software. Try for an example
translating a paragraph with the Google translator into Spanish
and then back to English. You'll see what I mean   ;)

Once you have your two versions, you can append a string like ?lang=es
or ?lang=en to your page addresses and serve the appropriate text strings
from the database.



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