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john at johnallsopp.co.uk john at johnallsopp.co.uk
Tue Oct 19 03:36:12 CDT 2004

Hi Alex

I can't resist commenting on the dangers of meeting women in bars. But
moving on ..

> Anyway, Im thinking of rewriting my front page to reflect the above
> ideas plus something like:
> "we concentrate on core values(?) such as: good organisation, personal
> service and use of leading technology. "

I read somewhere about the 'so what' test to identify whether you've
identified a benefit or not.

"I've invented a new frying pan"
"So what?"
"It's more non stick than anything that's come before it"
"So what?"
"So when you cook fried eggs, you don't break the yolk when you're trying
to get them out, and the washing up is easier"

A benefit is not a feature. A benefit makes a personal difference to the
buyer's life. You have to know your buyers to work out the benefits.

Try the so what test with the 'core values' you list.

Also, I'm not sure whether using 'leading' technology will persuade
anyone. For me, if you were to choose the best way to solve my problem,
I'd be happy. I was never happy with software companies that are married
to particular technologies, although I accept it's difficult not to be.


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