[thelist] which open source CMS?

Theodore Serbinski tserbinski at washsq.com
Tue Oct 19 14:30:26 CDT 2004

Hey guys!

I'm about to dive into the wonderful world of CMSs for use on a variety 
of sites (hoping to simplify my life, all of my websites I create seem 
to want the same CMS based functionality) and I'm looking to find what 
would be the best one to use.

The features that I would need:
	- platform of choice: Apache/MySQL/PHP
	- total content management: static and dynamic pages
	- support for blogs and/or regularly updated news sections
	- calendar/event management
	- user management
	- contact management: view users, see contact info, etc
	- photo gallery
	- forum support
	- possible wiki/comment access for internal writing of docs
	- other basic CMS stuff for the most part, expandable in nature
	- templates: XHTML/CSS would be ideal
	- extensive permission controls

Based on these I did some research and found a great CMS comparison tool:
	- http://www.cmsmatrix.org/

My top choices going in were Mambo <http://www.mamboserver.com/> and 
Drupal <http://www.drupal.org> and after comparing, Mambo came out on top.

After that, I've tried out demos for both and Mambo seems to have the 
cleanest UI, something that I would be using extensively, as would 
future clients, but with limited access, so usability is key.

So I think I've decided on Mambo as my CMS of choice to use on all 
future projects and it seems to have the biggest user base out there.

However, the web is huge and there is so much out there, I might have 
overlooked something. Additionally, without using either CMS in a 
production enviroment I might have overlooked other things as well.

Does anyone have any opinions on what CMSs seemed to have worked and if 
Mambo is a good choice?



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