[thelist] Regular expressions in Dreamweaver (2 pieces)

Rob Smith rob.smith at THERMON.com
Tue Oct 19 16:49:49 CDT 2004


1) I got the Album Creator 2.1 for Dreamweaver MX and it's flipping out on
larger photo albums. This one in particular consists of about 370 photos. It
dies and says "waiting for Fireworks" when Fireworks is long finished. The
Photo Albums are not created. By any remote-not-in-this-lifetime chance, do
you know what the upper limit is?

1 Supplemental) I created the photo album the normal way and it worked fine.

2) Which leads me to regular expressions. I've got about *ehem* 370 find and
replaces to go through. However, I need to use regular expressions. I have:


Those are the four known patterns (<br>!@#$.jpg</td>)

Can someone clue me in on the regular expression to clear out that mess
between the <br> and the </td>? I tried Dreamweaver's help and like all
software help systems, it was useless. 

Rob Smith

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