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Courtenay court3nay at gmail.com
Wed Oct 20 12:12:36 CDT 2004

:) As the relationship-based males breed more, and concept-based males
breed less, the stereotype of 'male' personality becomes less

In terms of web design, it becomes less and less important to
differentiate.  However, you have 3,000 generations or so before its
really noticable...

Anyway, the key is building it into your whole site structure.  Have
entirely different site structures for the different personality
types.  Get to one version with emo/relationship words in the links...
get to the other with 'concept' words.   The link with the picture of
the baby goes to guess where!

Incidentally, there's a group of 'rebels' in South America (FARC, if
you're interested) who self-govern (much to the government's dismay)
but have succeeded in bringing law and order to their whole region-- 
their success is due, in part, to only allowing females to become
regional/village leaders -- ostensibly because they are good at
maintaining relationships, whereas the males are the farmers, or
soldiers, etc, who go out and shoot at the government troops.

My point?  It's not just a dumb theory I cooked up in some delusional moment!   

> There's surely a difference. Look at car ads: Men are driving lonesomely
> through vast countries and over rough mountain passes (--> freedom, hunt,
> struggling through). Whilest women adore their baby-faced, en-vogue city
> cars that make them look beautful and give them social standing.

How does it *feel* as opposed to how can you *use it*..

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