[thelist] RE: checked or unchecked boxes

noah noah at tookish.net
Wed Oct 20 13:23:59 CDT 2004

ANDREA STREIGHT wrote (20/10/2004 1:47 PM):

> I repeat: I said I personally know of no situation where a box could 
> legitimately be "pre-checked", but I'm not Omniscient, so there may indeed 
> be a permissible context.
> I still have not heard or seen any.

If the user has previously selected certain options, and the selected 
options are currently stored in a database or elsewhere, and the form in 
question is a "modify options" form, then it's perfectly reasonable, and 
I think preferable, for the options that were previously selected to be 

I think that this is the situation that was previously described. If 
not, it's still a legitimate reason for pre-checking checkboxes.


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