[thelist] RE: checked or unchecked boxes

Courtenay court3nay at gmail.com
Wed Oct 20 13:36:08 CDT 2004

Ok, I'm coding one right now.  Do you have a better way? :)

"Edit Your Existing Viewing Preferences"
"Please select all the options you wish to display on your start page"
Current selection prefs are checked.

Yes, I'm kinda cheating.. the selections are based on previous
choices.  But preselection, nevertheless.

> Would you like to go shopping at the grocery store, and all the carts are
> "pre-filled" with several items the store thinks most people should want to
> buy?

If it was intelligent, and based on MY preferences, yes.  I buy the
same cereal, vegetables etc every week.  Boring I know, but easy. 
Would save a bunch of time!  It's not about what 'most' people want,
its about what 'I' want, and if I could set that up so it was a
regular thing, great!
I don't know how you can apply this to websites

> If anyone out there knows a legit reason to "pre-select", other than the
> specific case originally mentioned, which is very different from what I
> thought it was, I'd be pleased to hear about it.
I think it comes down to your page's wording as well.

Example form
Create a new photo category
Name [  text box ]
[ x ] Upload my photos here by default

Its checked if there are no existing categories, or if other
categories have over 100 photos in them, or some other criteria.

I think the '... by default'  is a strong case for it.

Also, if you recommend something, like, 

[ x ] force me to login every time (recommended)

This option could be done with a button, redirecting to another form, etc.
You could, however, change the wording

[   ]  allow unsecured login

means kinda the same thing, however, some people like to use positive
wording, and often the meaning is clearer if there's a checkbox to
tick. and if 99% of people are tickin' it, then, tick it for them!

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