[thelist] RE: checked vs. unchecked boxes

Scott Brady dsbrady at gmail.com
Wed Oct 20 15:43:29 CDT 2004

On Wed, 20 Oct 2004 13:28:02 -0700, the head lemur wrote:
> Let's review.
> A check box is a form element. Usage of a checkbox implies that you have
> made a decision to gather information from a visitor whom you hope the
> client will turn into a sale, which is the whole point of using a form. Or

That's a pretty narrow definition of the point of using a form.  If
I'm having users of my non-profit swim team site fill out a profile,
I'm not exactly certain type of "sale" I'm supposed to be making.

> at least that is the theory. It allows you the ability to offer the client's
> customer a series of choices, of which none, some or all can be checked.
> This has it's perils, and is outside of this discussion.
> If it is not a choice why is it being offered?

Since when is having a checkbox prechecked not offering them a choice?
 If it's prechecked, it doesn't suddenly become disabled.

> By attempting to use pre-select options you have failed to provide the
> client and their customers with the ability to make decisions.

Yes, because apparently they've lost all use of their mouse buttons.


Scott Brady

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