[thelist] RE: checked vs. unchecked boxes

Scott Dexter dexilalolai at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 20 15:55:18 CDT 2004

> Let's review.
> A check box is a form element. Usage of a checkbox implies that you
> have
> made a decision to gather information from a visitor whom you hope
> the
> client will turn into a sale, which is the whole point of using a
> form. Or

Um, I believe here is the crux of the polarization in the discussion
here. Having a form doesn't always mean I'm conducting a sale, and
having a form certainly doesn't always mean it's an unknown visitor.
Sometimes it's a known person (ooh, a novel concept indeed),
sometimes the values /need/ to be prepopulated as part of the
application requirements. If I have a form of preferences read back
from a database, or a default set of choices based on application
requirements as given by the stakeholders, or even better-- a
user-selected grouping of selected items (i.e. a "Typical list" vs
"Complete list") then I'd better make damn sure they're prepopulated
as appropriate, otherwise it's a bug.

I hope this is painfully obvious, and I know probably somewhat away
from the central intent of the "never check a checkbox for someone,"
but dammit, never say "never."

All in moderation and best informed decisions, folks :)


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