[thelist] HELP... File conversion needed

Joshua Olson joshua at waetech.com
Thu Oct 21 07:57:18 CDT 2004

Hello listees,

Once again thelist saved my back... Thank you again to all who responded in
kind.  This list proves once again that it's an incredible and invaluable
resource.  But, it's ultimately the people that make it all work.

<tip type="HTML" author="Joshua Olson">
When adding <input>s to a form, keep in mind the following rules (a few of a
much larger list) and your code will be much more usable:

1.  If you have a textual label for the  input, wrap it in a LABEL tag and
point the label to the input.  To do this, assign the "for" attribute of the
INPUT tag to the "id" of the INPUT tag.
2.  Use "tabindex" for EVERY input.
3.  Use "maxlength" to limit the number of characters that may be entered
into text fields.
4.  Specify type="text" even if it's not necessary because the browser
defaults to it.
5.  Use the "title" attribute to provide additional information about what
to do with the field.  Note, this may not work on all browsers.
6.  If you assign an accesskey to provide a shortcut to a field, make sure
that you indicate as such somewhere on the form.  It is common to underline
one of the characters in the field's label corresponding to the accesskey.
7.  Do not rely on color changes for backgrounds and labels to indicate an
error, requirements, etc.  Individuals with colorblindness may miss these
8.  Close the input with the trailing slash.. Eg <input type="text" ... />
(ok, so this isn't really an accessibility issue, but it's still a good

Joshua Olson
Web Application Engineer
WAE Tech Inc.

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