[thelist] Re: js/css show div based on onchange

brian cummiskey brian at hondaswap.com
Thu Oct 21 10:21:38 CDT 2004

Courtenay wrote:

> Yeah, but it breaks for no javascript.  
indeed, but im publishing to a controlled environment (intranet) where 
JS is enabled, and browser is IE6.

> Also, tables are passe!

Again, indeed, but the word 'standards' and my office couldn't be 
further from each other.

I close tags like <br /> and <input /> out of habit, and they ask me why 
i do such things.

So, once again, it really all comes down to hitting your target auidence 
and enviroment with what you have to work with.

I appreciate the effort, and had this been for a "contract" job of my 
own, or my own website, believe me, i would NOT have even considered 
doing something like this.  It's, well, passe

When i have more time (under deadlines with this thing now....  by the 
end of the day! ACK!) I'll explore your method as well.


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