[thelist] OT? Looking for Jr. Web Developer in NYC

Fortune Elkins fortune_elkins at summithq.com
Thu Oct 21 10:46:12 CDT 2004

My group is looking for a junior web developer -- a year or two outta
school -- who will mostly program and maintain dynamic websites used by
our in-house developer, technical support, and HR teams. Not a lot of
heavy geek lifting, so if that's your gig, you might not be so happy. 

We have a staff of 4. Our manager is a programmer, and his manager is
the network guy. Only our top boss is a suit. 

Our company's at ground zero. It's a nice place, not a lot of overtime
required. Despite the end of the bubble -- farewell sushi and champagne!
-- we have kept most of our perks: softball, baseball, basketball,
soccer teams, ski trips, fishing trips, bowling trips, yoga, picnics,
halloween costumes, casual dress (altho' jeans only on Friday, unless
they're black), no-contribute health insurance, generous vacation,
end-of-year bonuses *if* we make a percentage over our target numbers.
You can listen to music on headphones while working. 

Our company is extremely diverse, it's a mini-UN; lots of people have
visas. Everyone's welcome as long as you can code and realize that
informality and lack of procedure are both our beauty and our bane: 


*Don't write me*, follow the procedure on the website. Good luck!

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