[thelist] RE: checked vs. unchecked boxes

Courtenay court3nay at gmail.com
Thu Oct 21 12:49:48 CDT 2004

When creating checkboxes on a form that could, concievably, have a
default checked state, rely on common sense and basic usability --
don't ask anyone on the internet for their opinion because you'll
never hear the end of it


On Thu, 21 Oct 2004 13:37:02 -0400, Greg Holmes <greg.holmes at gmail.com> wrote:
> Peter Brunone wrote:
> >Call me a dunce, but with options like those, I have to
> >wonder if *you're* doing some trolling here.  Really, now...
> >why would you have a checkbox for any of those?
> >Wouldn't you just say "plus you get frequent flier miles
> >and free shipping!" in your introduction?
> Hey, I said the examples were just for fun.
> >Steven may not have expressed that in the most ideal
> >way, but it seems pretty obvious even so.
> The fact remains, checkboxes *always* have a default
> state, whether you specify the default or not.  You
> are choosing a default to present to the user, even if
> you don't think about it.  I wasn't the one making the
> blanket assertion about what the default should be.
> Greg Holmes
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