[thelist] General Statement - There's Bugs in Everything

Courtenay court3nay at gmail.com
Fri Oct 22 09:01:17 CDT 2004

Actually I wouldn't necessarily agree.  Or perhaps what I mean, is, in
Good Software, the bugs are so obscure that you'll never find them. 
It's about being "good enough".  For example, look at something like
Apache web server.   Sure, there are still bugs reported, but when did
you ever encounter one (if you have, choose another software product!
that was the first thing I thought of)

However the Rule about software development (can't remember where I
read this) is:

Choose two, and only two, of the following:
 Feature-complete, On-Time, Bug-Free

Usually you can't hit any of those targets, but, there you are.

Unfortunately (in my experience) its the big wigs that push through
for more features, in less time, and thereby causing the bugs.  In an
ideal world we'd have time to make sure everything was 100%, but that
wouldn't pay the bills.

> One of the "big wigs" surprised me yesterday with a comment that "There's
> bugs in everything." I took this in lieu of web development:

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