[thelist] Best CMS for Art Gallery

Viveka Weiley viveka.weiley at gmail.com
Fri Oct 22 10:07:05 CDT 2004


I'm putting together a site for a small local art gallery.
It would be good if they could update it themselves, so I'm looking at a CMS.
For other sites, I've so far played with Greymatter (lightweight),
then Plone (functional), then Geeklog (easy and sufficiently powerful
for newsy sites).
I've enjoyed using them all, but none of them have particularly good
image gallery functions.
So I'm wondering if anyone has implemented a CMS for an art gallery
recently, or knows of a CMS that would be well suited for this job.
I'm not asking here for you to tell me your favourite CMS, unless you
happen to think it would be particularly good for an art gallery.
I'm looking for the usual - LAMP (Linux or BSD/Apache/MySQL/Perl or
Python or PHP). Free/Open Source. News and calendar would be good, but
gallery is most important. XHTML and CSS templates for layout ideally.
Table-driven templates are OK as long as they're not crazy. Flexible
templates; for example it should be possible to have multiple
galleries with totally different layouts. Oh, and if possible WebDAV
support. The gallery staff are all on Macs, and built-in WebDAV would
be easier (for image upload) than FTP, I reckon. But that's not

Any ideas?


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