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Diner: Waiter, what is this bug doing in my soup?
Waiter (after close examination): Looks like the backstroke,,,

Nothing will identify your fallibility as quickly as writing and testing a
complex program.  There are people in almost all companies, whose survival
depends on their political skills, namely, pinning blame on others, escaping
responsibility, and taking credit where they can.  If a person can make the
claim that he has never written a program bug, it's safe to assume he has
never written a program.  Finding and eliminating bugs is a science in
itself, and notice I said "finding and eliminating" as apposed to "finding
and reporting".  Those that can "find and eliminate" bugs are the Rodney
Dangerfield's of a company.  Monkeys can "find and report" bugs.

I suspect that being victimized by an office politician on these issues
drives more people to leave the computer field than any other single cause.
I just hope that when my job is sent to India, they place a politician in
charge and make him responsible.

Warren Vail

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One of the "big wigs" surprised me yesterday with a comment that "There's
bugs in everything." I took this in lieu of web development:

Although I whole heartedly agree with him, I open a discussion as to ...

Is it out of laziness of not checking all the p's and q's?
Is it inevitable because we're human and not everything we do is perfect? Is
it ignorance because most everything we do in the web arena is "new?"

Your thoughts,

Rob Smith

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