[thelist] RE: internet error message in art causes art to disappear?

ANDREA STREIGHT astreight at msn.com
Fri Oct 22 19:39:19 CDT 2004

Thanks Ron Luther, Scott Dexter, Sarah, and everyone who replied to my weird 
problem uploading JASC Paint Shop Pro art to my blog sites with 

It gets weirder still. The uploading problem with art that has parody 
Status-Code, Client Syntax Error, and Server Error messages in them, with 
actual URLs and Apache information, etc.: probably just a bizarre 

Coincidence that it was these particular art uploads that were 
malfunctioning, disappearing.

I talked to a friend, who wants to work in network security, but isn't 
certified yet, speaks often about Linux, Red Hat, proxies, and such.

He explained how the 2000+KB photo files someone sent to my MSN inbox, which 
I forwarded to wife's computer at work, then deleted, may have affected my 
computer, they were delivered to my hard drive, ports open, etc. I don't 
follow all this talk too well.

You folks probably understand it clearly, whilst to me it is murky.

See, during this problem time frame, I was also seeing that the photo files 
were endlessly in "sending files" mode on MSN Messenger. For nearly 12 

I could not send or receive any other email on MSN Messenger. I also could 
not visit several sites, like GMail, my blogs, Yahoo mail, others. Or it 
took huge amounts of time to do it.

I called MSN 800 number and the tech guy was super friendly, efficient, and 
correct. I did a Control Shift F9 to delete MSN Messenger settings. He said 
it would delete all my email archives, but it didn't. It seems to have 
solved the problem. MSN Messenger is not relentlessly sending those photo 

Strange coincidences and odd mishaps. I've been working on this problem, 
first trying to solve it without tech help, all day.

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