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i'm also looking for a wiki running in a linux/apache/php environment... and
yeah.. i've spent time looking through numerous apps, tring to figure out
what makes sense!!!

i'm going to need something to allow users to possibly login/register,
possibly implement some sort of file permissions/access rights,
upload/download/modify/view docs, view/modify/extract past versions of docs,
as well as create/admin different sections of the wiki for different

i'd also like something relatively simple to setup/administer, with a good

basic product management functionality would also be useful.

the wiki app will be used to help build a software project with different
people accessing the various docs, and modifying the docs.. which is why
product management functionality would be useful...

my eyes have glazed over from looking at so many different apps!!!

any thoughts/comments/opinions on what you've tried/liked for the platform i
mentioned will be helpful....



Alex Beston wrote:

> Looking for a wiki to run on a linux server.
> Any ideas? on a quick google i couldnt find anything.

?!? "couldn't find anything"??? Words fail me :-) -- the third item
returned by Google for "Wiki software" is


    "This is the canonical list of WikiEngines...."

Ordered by language, incidentally, which is a lot more critical than
OS, in most cases.

Personally I use JSPWiki, on both Linux and Win*.

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