[thelist] twisties

Chris Kavanagh chris at logorocks.com
Sun Oct 24 21:07:22 CDT 2004

> If his client wants twisty navigation, and he knows what the hell the
> guy is talking about... he'll have one more client than I will.  I
> would've been giving the guy the glassy-eyed stare, wondering whether
> twisty navigation meant curvy, convoluted, rotating DNA strand
> navigation or what :-)

Heh.  Probably it did, and I am going to have one seriously 
disappointed client tomorrow morning.  He wanted his website to look 
like the title sequence from Spiderman, and he ends up getting Windows  

Anyway, I think you guys are right, this is called "tree"-style 
navigation.  The ColdFusion tag <CFTREE> should have tipped me off to 
this.  I think they're called twisties in Lotus Notes.

Oh well, nearly finished.


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