[thelist] Need Help Validating

Aaron Cole aaron at aaroncole.com
Mon Nov 1 15:49:38 CST 2004

We recently re-launched our homepage at work.  I was able to use all 
XHTML/CSS and am two issues away from validating.


I was hoping someone here on the list could help me out.

The first issue has to do with the image type used in place of submit 
in the search form.  Has the image type been depreciated?  If so, how 
can I use an image in place of the standard HTML submit button?

The other problem is with the javascript I'm using to rotate the set of 
images in the middle of the page.  We have four sets of images that 
need to rotate.  I have a javascript that outputs a number between 0-3 
and then adds to the class name of the section.  My stylesheet then 
determines which image to display based off of the class.

The validator coughs up a lung when it gets to the javascript in 
question.  Is there a better way to get this random image effect?

Any other code-related comments are welcomed.


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