[thelist] imap

Kasimir K evolt at kasimir-k.fi
Tue Nov 2 02:28:52 CST 2004


I'm trying to sort out my client's email woes and set up a smoothly 
working system for them. They are a three person company, often on the 
road, and they rely on email a lot. For them the folder structure of 
their email archive is very important way to organize their work.

So far they've used Outlook. And as one person sometimes is working on a 
desktop, and the next day on the road with a laptop, the mails are kept 
on the POP server for a couple weeks, so they can get mail on both. They 
don't use outlook for anything else than mail.

My plan now is, that they should go IMAP, so that they could access the 
same mails regardless of what computer they are accessing it from, and 
when they put a mail in a folder, they don't have to do it again on 
their other pc.

What do you think: will IMAP work nicely, even if they have a couple 
hundred MB of mail (not in inbox though, but in sub folders)? How about 
email client: is Thunderbird good for IMAP? Any other recommendations? 
Any special considerations?


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