[thelist] IIS Question - Extending an Application to Sub Folders

Casey Crookston casey at thecrookstons.com
Mon Nov 1 14:24:53 CST 2004

How do you configure IIS to recognize sub-folders as part of the same
application as the parent folder?


I currently have a subfolder declared as it's own application because I want
to force a logon using forms authentication.  After logging in, the user
will have access to a content management tool which will edit content found
in the parent folder.  To insert the content to be edited into the form, I'm
using user controls.  But IIS will not allow me to map to a .ascx file found
in another application.

Thus the problem.  Is there a better way around this then making the secure
subfolder part of the same application as the public folder?  The main
folder is view-only public... no login required.  The sub folder MUST be
secure, and must also have access to content from the main folder.

I hope all this makes sense.  Thanks in advance,


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