[thelist] domain registrant vs client

Scott Dexter dexilalolai at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 2 08:04:17 CST 2004

> if a vendor FOO registers a domain for CLIENT, but retains all
> contact information in FOO's name, including the registrant details
> themselves, then CLIENT cannot access it...

Correct, within the boundaries of this scenario. It is FOO's domain.

> "If the domain is registered to an Organization rather than an
> individual, you must provide the business registration documents as
> well as the signed letter of request on company letterhead, and
> photo ID of the person from the business that is making the
> request. The registration documents must clearly list the Requester
> as associated with the Company."
> given this scenario, just because the domain is CLIENT.tld, that
> doesn't mean that CLIENT can send a letter on company letterhead
> with proof of id and the like to get access to the domain...
> because the domain registrant is FOO in this case...

I would believe that is correct. Throw in some legal muscle, and it
could possibly get done (see below)

> at this point, FOO can't just direct CLIENT to submit the
> information, because CLIENT has no information in the domain other
> than the coincidence of the CLIENT.tld address...

If FOO is transferring it to CLIENT, then FOO has some paperwork to
complete as well.

> this is where, if FOO won't sign it over (after acknowledging
> CLIENT's rightful ownership) you would need the ICANN UDRP process,
> correct?

Yes, I believe so.

> and if FOO makes an assertion that CLIENT can just send some
> information to Tucows to get the Admin Contact changed, that would
> be a false assertion...

If FOO is amicably handing the domain over, then this is part of it,
but it sounds like you have a little fight on your hands.  I say
ICANN UDRP. Which sucks, because it may mean legal fees to get it

Best of luck--

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