[thelist] Looking for CMS advice

Chris Johnston fuzzylizard at gmail.com
Tue Nov 2 15:50:49 CST 2004


I am looking for two very different CMS apps in order to run two
websites off of. Below is what I am looking for for each:

CMS 1 requirements:
- page based and not blog or article based
- allows a logged in user to edit the content on each page
- allows a user to add a new page to site
- allows pages to be grouped into sections with each section appearing
on the main navigation
- each section can contain several pages with those pages appearing on
the navigation once you add a section
- basically as simple as you can get

CMS 2 requirements:
- individual user blogs with the ability for one administrator to
review and publish each blog posting
- ability to add articles
- ability to add individual pages
- author, editor, publisher roles
- ability to add on a bulletin board forum
- module that allows for photo galleries to be easily created and administered
- ability to create a section and then add pages to that section

Both CMS requirements are to be used by complete newbies who have no
interest in learning any HTML and need to be able to handle
copy/pasted text from MS Word.

In addition, both need to run on php/mysql and they both need to be
open source / free as they are both for non-profit organizations that
do not have any money for either w web developer to do static html, or
php programming, or to buy a CMS package.

I have checked out Mambo and I think it might work for the second one.
The only question that I have is the ability to create separate user
blogs and create the user rights that only allow a user access to
their blog. In addition, I did not see any way of creating a section
and adding pages to a section. Everything in Mambo seemed to be
centred around the idea of creating a section and then adding
categories and articles to a category. This is not what I am looking

Anyone have any suggestions?

chris johnston


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