[thelist] OT: DVD Data Recovery

Christian Anderson lists at photokyo.com
Wed Nov 3 08:17:15 CST 2004

Sorry for the OT posting.
I had a backup of my pictures on a few DVDs, and now that I'm trying to get
them back onto my hard drive I get CRC errors like crazy. Some of the DVDs
let me get most of the files, but others will hardly let me have any... :(
Does anyone have a recommendation for a data recovery tool? I looked at
http://www.smart-projects.net/isobuster/ and even emailed the guy asking
about it, and he said that if I couldn't recover the files in the Joilet
file system, it would be very likely that I'd get the same errors with the
UDF file system (registered version).
He mentioned trying it out on a bunch of other DVD drives to see what kind
of results I could get as different drives might produce different results.
Anyway, if anyone knows of a tool that would have a good chance of getting
my pictures off these DVDs, please let me know!

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