[thelist] Re: [css-d] Need Help Validating

Duane Phinney genomega at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 2 08:22:47 CST 2004

> We recently re-launched our homepage at work.  I was able to use all
> XHTML/CSS and am two issues away from validating.
> http://www.gsb.stanford.edu/
> I was hoping someone here on the list could help me out.
> The first issue has to do with the image type used in place of submit
> in the search form.  Has the image type been depreciated?  If so, how
> can I use an image in place of the standard HTML submit button?
> The other problem is with the javascript I'm using to rotate the set of
> images in the middle of the page.  We have four sets of images that
> need to rotate.  I have a javascript that outputs a number between 0-3
> and then adds to the class name of the section.  My stylesheet then
> determines which image to display based off of the class.
> The validator coughs up a lung when it gets to the javascript in
> question.  Is there a better way to get this random image effect?
> Any other code-related comments are welcomed.
> Thanks,
> Aaron

<input type="image" src="/images/go-sm.gif" value="Go" width="22"
height="17" />

Drop width and height


<div id="legs" class="image3">


<span>leadership, entrepreneurship, global awareness, social


Need to have a </div> before </noscript>


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