[thelist] site check - deltatraffic.co.uk

Helen helen at helephant.com
Wed Nov 3 11:53:09 CST 2004

> Hi All
> I was wondering if someone / people could have a look at  / appraise the
> front page of deltatraffic.co.uk for the text - is it any good?

My comment would be that there are too many links on the homepage. I think
the three "latest work" links are good, but the "Articles to read" links
seem to be aimed at other developers rather than potential customers. I
think it'd probably scare most customers and the space could probably be
used for something more useful. Maybe a few pictures of your best sites
along with short descriptions/customer testimonals? Maybe move all your
developer resources off the front page and put them somewhere else?

I think apart from that it's a clean looking page which is quite easy to

Good luck with it :)


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