[thelist] RE: [FOUND] free online art gallery sites

ANDREA STREIGHT astreight at msn.com
Wed Nov 3 17:42:21 CST 2004

Just thought I'd share with those who are interested in displaying or 
viewing art, or who have a client who wants an online art gallery, since I 
had asked about this earlier:


is a wonderful, high-tech, sophisticated French FREE art gallery web site 

NO ads, pop ups, strange commitments, promise to promote them excessively, 
none of the junk you often encounter on other "free" web site services. Not 
a circus full of schlocky gimmicks.

They give you all the pages you want, ecommerce applications, newsletters, 
art exhibition and modification functionalities, email contact functions, 
translation of art descriptions into 5 languages, help desk features, 
advice, forums, biographical pages, etc. etc. etc. all FREE and extremely 

(See last URL in my signature below.)

A rich, complex web site that is easy to navigate and provides great help. 
>From 2 AM to 5 AM two nights ago, I uploaded 20 art specimens, but in .psp 
rather than .jpg file format, cited an outdated URL for my exhibition on 
their site, and screwed up my account by posting the computer art on the 
wrong section (oil painting site, rather than digital art site).

No problem. They explained what I stupidly did wrong, moved my exhibition to 
the Full Digital Art.com site, and everything's fine now.

Can't even conceive of a better FREE art gallery site for starving artists 
to sell their works at, not that I'm starving personally :^]

Steven Streight
Web Usability Analyst/Web Artist
astreight at msn.com
vaspersthegrate at yahoo.com

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