[thelist] site re-test

Helen helen at helephant.com
Thu Nov 4 18:34:41 CST 2004

partyarmy wrote:

>I know i posted this a week or two ago, but i only got one response.
>I've finished up my site more or less (in beta now at least), but
>still need to work some kinks out. What kinks? What kinks exactly.
>Hopefully you guys can let me know where design/developement could be
>improved. Cross browser usability, features that should/shouldn't be
>there. Things that should work, but don't, or things that don't work
>as expected, etc...
I think you should explain what exploded.org is on the homepage as 
sucinctly as possible. You say it's the site for the exploded framework, 
but are you expecting people who come to your page to know what that is? 
I looked at all the pages on your site that didn't require logging in 
and I wasn't sure if it was a scripts to download (then why have a 
login?) or if it was an online community you could join.

Maybe put some "teaser" content on the homepage as well? Why should I 
give you my details if I don't know what the site is about? I have about 
a million accounts on a million different sites already. I need a reason 
to create another one.

I also don't understand why there are those four pictures on the 
homepage. Are these people in the community? Is your site about photo 
sharing? Why can't I click on them to find more information?

Maybe put some screenshots of what's beyond the login screen in your 


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