[thelist] RE: [WARNING] free online art gallery

Ken Chase raskenbo at fastmail.fm
Thu Nov 4 22:58:12 CST 2004

On Thu, 4 Nov 2004 20:01:34 -0600, "ANDREA STREIGHT" <astreight at msn.com>
> Ken:
> Your scan through the source code provided you with evidence that
> something 
> bad could happen using this service:
> http://tableauxenligne.com
> Your warning I take heed to, but I'm just a writer, usability evaluator, not 
> a web designer or programmer. I have no idea what alarmed you about the 
> source code. I looked at it just now, and don't know what is "bad" about it. 

> But I have no training in this realm. I just look at web text and
> functions to evaluate sites, not the source code.

> From now on, I will submit URLs of services I'm considering to the list. 
> Never thought of doing that. But I try to respond to all "site check" 
> requests on this list, with whatever little expertise I may have to 
> contribute.
> Do you advise a "delete and vacate" strategy here?

No offence intended. Everyone has their area of expertise. For example,
I can't touch you when it comes to writing, usability or art. I'm sure
that your contributions to this list are valued.

I was only trying to express the importance of web standards (if you
want to reach the widest potential audience). I understand that people
that work on the web are not necessarily a "web designer or programmer".
It can be frustrating to work on web products because standards have
just recently been widely accepted, adopted and implemented.

Many people, including myself, have been "fooled" by products and
services offered over the web that look great on one platform but not on
another. The fact is that your "product" choices should depend on who
your target audience is (although I recommend the use of standards
unless absolutely neccessary). 

This list is invaluable when it comes to receiveing a wide variety of
opinions with regards to the above.


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