[thelist] [OT] Make all links on page have 'visited' status

Tim Burgan email at timburgan.com
Fri Nov 5 00:34:37 CST 2004

Pavel Dudrenov wrote:

> Uhm I am not sure I understand your question.

Let me elaborate..

I'm a Universiry student. Some of our courses have discussion boards 
(forums). With these forums there are thousands of message titles just 
in an unordered list on a single page.

The only way to know what I've read if by clicking on the link, and 
therefore the browser changes the text colour of the link to show that 
it's been visited.
I want to have every link shown as a 'visited' link, so that I can see 
when and where the newest posts are when they arrive.

I thought that insead of clicking on every single think, there maybe 
something I could do to make all the links be recognised as visisted.

I thought maybe a Favlet could do this.

    Favlets are small snippets of JavaScript embedded in a Bookmark URL
    that extend the capabilities of your web browser. *Favlets allow
  # allows Bookmarks in browsers do various advanced things, such as:
    Search more quickly, and in new ways not possible with a search engine.
  # Modify the way you see someone else's webpage.
  # Extract data from a webpage.
  # Navigate in new ways.


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