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> I get subscript out of range 1 on the newUBound line.>>>	

	Which one? :)

	Got to http://msdn.microsoft.com/scripting and pick the VBScript
reference; then read up on the Redim function.  You'll probably want
Redim Preserve (to maintain the current data in the array).



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I am having problems with a simple array.

I need a dynamic array ex.
DIM myarray()

When I go to add elements to it ex:
DIM newUBound
newUBound = (ubound(myarray) + 1)
myarray(newUBound) = myinfoDB(0,i)

I get subscript out of range 1 on the newUBound line.>>>
I know that myarray is empty...
how does one use a dynamic array in asp?


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