[thelist] Installing an SSL Certificate

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Sun Nov 7 02:39:40 CST 2004

You should speak to your hosting provider to determine whether they support
you installing your own SSL certificate onto your website, or whether you
need to use a shared SSL site.

If they do support you installing your own site-specific SSL certificate,
then you typically receive a certificate from a CA via a download. If you
have TS access to the box, you can install it that way, or you account may
have some kind of control panel feature that lets you do this.

However, first you need to generate a certificate request (.cer file). Again,
if you have TS access, you can do this using a wizard in IIS Manager.
Otherwise, your hosting control panel might let you do this. If it doesn't
your hosting company is going to have to generate the cert request for you.


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: I am new to SSL. I have a Web page I have built for a client
: (hopehousedaycare.org) and will be collecting information for online
: donations. The page that collects this (hopehousedaycare.org/gifts.htm)
: works OK and the results are sent to a database, which can be retrieved,
: online into Excel.
: Before the donation pages go live, I need to install a SSL Certificate.
: When I order one, am I given something to install or does my Web hosting
: provider does the installing? The site is on Roadrunner and is their
: Windows 2000 hosting package, which has the SSL Secure Server feature.

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