[thelist] No Action in Forms and still works...

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Tue Nov 9 16:36:20 CST 2004

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: > The place it is not required is in an asp.net form ( with the
: > attrib of
: > runat=server); as asp.net forms will only post back to themselves
: > regardless
: > of any action attribute.
: Well, it /is/ still required by the HTML 4 spec. If you look at a
: rendered .aspx page, you'll see that the action attribute is
: populated. I just played around with it, and (following the
: observation above) the value that is coded in the form at design-time
: /is overwritten/ during rendering. So for those of us doing .NET
: development, ya might as well forget about it. Which sucks. I don't
: like losing that kind of control. I'm sure there's a way to get the
: form to post elsewhere, but I haven't done the research....

You can using 3rd party controls at the moment (or write your own). I think
Paul Wilson had a form control that let you do this. Or you can wait for v2.
v2 allows you to post to a different page, and still be able to access the
controls of the calling page.


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