[thelist] Re: HTML vs text email

Robert Hanson rhanson at mva.com
Wed Nov 10 14:00:01 CST 2004

1) Assume that only text email is supported.
2) Let the user tell you if they want to get HTML email.
3) In the message (regardless of what format they receive) put a link so
they can view the contents online in a web browser
4) In the HTML version, put a link that people can click on to switch back
to text version; when they click it, reset their value and re-send the
email in text form.

Think that about covers it.

BTW - what if they're reading your html formatted email "off-line" where
the images are not available?  Or they set up their email client to not
load/display images?  How does your message look then?  (try it out and

For what it's worth, the email client I have at work does not display
images in any html-formatted email, and often these types of email messages
appear as long vertical columns about 10-15 chars wide - totally

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