[thelist] Email confirmation - html or text?

Patsy Price beyondwords at shaw.ca
Wed Nov 10 16:44:40 CST 2004

>Why not just send *both*? People with HTML-capable clients get your
>nicely branded message, other people get plain text.

Just because we are running an HTML-capable client doesn't mean we 
allow it to display images or text styling or any of the other things 
you might want HTML for. What we do see may not be very pretty.

And there's no guarantee we will even open your HTML message and look 
at it at all. I have my filters set up to flag all HTML messages, and 
I open only a select few of those. I do view all plain text messages 
except those that are obviously spam.

Many of my non-computer-savy clients and colleagues now have their 
email settings similar to mine. (Yes, I helped.)


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