[thelist] re: Form processing problem in IE and Opera with input type=image

Dan Leonard dan at canopyroad.com
Wed Nov 10 18:26:08 CST 2004

Andrew and Kasimir,

Thanks for your help and the informative answers to my question. I ended
up using a hidden input field as Andrew suggested and the form submits in
all browsers now.


Andrew Clover wrote:
> That is, Mozilla submits the name/value pair *as well as* the click
> co-ordinates, but IE and Opera submit them *instead*.

Kasimir wrote:
> http://www.php.net/manual/en/language.variables.external.php tells us:
> "The experienced may note that the actual variable names sent by the
> browser contains a period rather than an underscore, but PHP converts the
> period to an underscore automatically."
> So you'll have Submit_x and Submit_y instead of Submit.x and Submit.y

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