[thelist] Re: First job developing site for real estate agent

Dan Leonard dan at canopyroad.com
Wed Nov 10 20:44:16 CST 2004

Hi Rich,

Someone on the list suggested I take a look at Open-Realty
<http://www.open-realty.org/>. I like the fact that it's written in PHP,
so hopefully customization will be painless. It seems to offer most of the
features that my client is looking for (ability to add their own listings,
ability to showcase a home, etc.), so I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with
it. Hope that helps!


Rich wrote:

> I'm responding to your post that you made to [thelist] on October 21st. 
You were inquiring about a job you were going to take on for a real
> agent/agency.  I'm currently negotiating a contract with a real estate
> I'm curious what kind of system you wound up using and if you have any
advise for working with this kind of client.  Anything you can offer
> be appreciated.

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